The Hottest Erotic Experience with my Employer

January 6, 2014

I have always been attracted to men with power. It is not about the things that they give you, buy you or pay for you. It is all about the confidence that they draw from that power. Therefore, whenever I fantasize or watch porn video clips, I make sure that the topic is some hot action between the employer and the worker. That balance and power turns me on.

That is why, ever since we got our new boss, I’ve been trying to seduce him. He is a really hot guy and he is on this position only temporarily, so there is no fear that things will get too complicated. The chance was perfect. I started making eyes with him and made sure that we stay overtime together one Friday. I could feel that he has the hots for me. It was in all those accidental brushes in the hall, smiles, and touches during conversation. The tension could be felt in the air.

For that day, I made sure that I had my best lingerie on. I had the whole thing: lace panties, stockings, garters. My skirt was just as tight so that the stockings and garters could be recognized if you looked a bit harder. As we worked, I carefully unbuttoned my shirt a bit more. With every chance I could get, I would lean over him to reach for a paper or whatnot. In time, he just couldn’t take it anymore and while I was trying to take a pen from the other side of the table, stretching my whole body in front of him, I gently placed his hand on my ass and let it slide down to the bottom of my skirt. He reached under my skirt, and touched the garters and stockings.

“Nice.” That was all he said.

That was enough for me to pull up my skirt, spread my legs over him and sit on his lap facing him. I took off mu shirt and my bra as I moved my hips back and forth, rubbing my pussy on his crotch. I could feel his dick waking up and stiffening in his pants. He took off his shirt as well, took my both shoulders with his hands and pulled me to his chest, giving me a passionate kiss. I could feel my pussy getting totally wet as his dick was already rock hard.

I unzipped his pants and released his raging cock. He didn’t bother taking off my panties, but he simply moved them a bit on the side and stuck his cock inside me. It was my time to show him what I got, so I started riding his cock as fast and as passionate as I could. You could hear my pussy getting wetter and wetter as I jumped up and down that hot rod of his. I could feel that it is he was about to cum, so I did what I saw in some porn tubes: I stood up from his cock, got down on my knees and sucked him off like a good and obedient worker does her employer.

That was some overtime work that I wouldn’t mind doing again and again.

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